Notable Members

 Nathaniel Allison Murray Nathaniel Allison Murray
A Founder of Alpha Phi Alpha and Charter Brother of Mu Lambda; also an educator in the District of Columbia Public Schools
 Robert Harold Ogle
Robert Harold Ogle
Founder of Alpha Phi Alpha and Charter Brother of Mu Lambda; also a Staff Member to the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations
 Henry Arthur Callis Henry Arthur Callis
A Founder of Alpha Phi Alpha and a Physician and Professor of Medicine at Howard University
Bobby Austin
Bobby Austin
Marion S. Barry, Jr.
Marion Barry
Former Mayor of Washington, DC and first Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Walter M. Booker
Past Eastern Region Vice President (1951-54); Former Chairman, Howard University Department of Pharmacology;  Howard University Medical School Professor
Herman R. Branson
Herman Branson

Noted biophysicist, co-inventor of the alpha helix, and past president of Central State and Lincoln Universities

M. Christopher BrownchristopherbrownII.jpg

Former President of Alcorn St. University

Horace G. Dawson, Jr.
Horace Dawson
Former Ambassador to Botswana and Director of the Ralph Bunche International Affairs Center, Howard University.  Chairman of the Alpha Phi Alpha World Policy Council.
Charles T. Duncan
First General Counsel of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, First African American President of the District of Columbia Bar Association, first chair of the DC Judicial Selection Commission, and former Dean, Howard University School of Law
Joseph H. B. Evansjosephhbevans.JPG
Former Field Director for the Committee on Fair Employment Practices and Former Associate Executive Secretary of The President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services.  Served as General Secretary of Alpha Phi Alpha for 22 years.
Charles Hamilton Houston
Charles Hamilton Houston
Civil Rights Attorney, mentor to Thurgood Marshall, Dean of the Howard University School of Law, Charter Brother of Mu Lambda.
Howard Jenkins
Howard Jenkins
First African American Appointed to the National Labor Relations Board; served for 20 years under five Presidents.
Elgy Johnson
Elgy Johnson
Noted Mathematician
R. O’Hara Lanier
Former Ambassador to Liberia First President of Texas Southern University
Belford V. Lawson
Civil Rights Attorney and Past General President of Alpha Phi Alpha
Rayford Logan
Civil Rights/Pan African Activist and Scholar and Past General President of Alpha Phi Alpha
Howard H. Long
Former Assistant Superintendent of the DC Public Schools and Past General President of Alpha Phi Alpha
LeRoy Lowery
Past Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation; Past Interim Vice President of the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha
Vincent Orange
Vincent Orange
Former Washington, DC City Council Member, Ward 5
Henry Ponder
Past General President; Past President, Talladega College, Benedict College, and Fisk University; Past President and CEO of NAFEO
Hilyard R. Robinson

Hilyard Robinson

Noted architect who designed buildings at Howard and Hampton Universities, as well as Langston Terrace in DC
Chairman, Department of Architecture at
Howard University, 1925-31.
Charles Harris Wesley
Past President of Wilberforce and Central State Universities; noted historian.  Past General President and Historian of Alpha Phi Alpha; Charter Brother of Mu Lambda